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18 Grattan Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11206
United States

(347) 871-1611


Welcome to our newest project. From the same humans that brought you Lofted Coffee.


Our pursuit is simple:

Unyielding dedication to quality and ethical sustainability. 


Our dream is beautiful:

To maintain a modest life for ourselves while working to provide tangible support to coffee producers. To actively challenge current coffee trade-standards and find sustainable market solutions across the globe. We believe in complete transparency and traceability - and have committed ourselves to honest and ethical business practices while ensuring products of the highest quality to our friends and partners.


Our approach is simple:

Let the coffees speak for themselves.

Roast in a way that accentuates all of the natural aromatics and distinct flavor profiles unique to each particular coffee.

Procure only the highest quality, fresh-crop, coffees and, through our efforts, honor the dedication and hard work of the coffee producers.