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Jair Caicedo


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Jair Caicedo


Jair Caicedo


Region: Huila

Varietal: Caturra, Colombia

Altitude: 1,655 masl

Processing: Fully Washed

Harvest: September 2017

In the Cup: meyer lemon, white grape, black tea.

This is a young grower that we're very excited to be working with. He is a third-generation coffee grower. He had 2 placing lots this year in the Acevedo Cup: 1st place and 20th place. This is the 20th place. The 1st place was sold at auction at the competition. We will be a part of this competition next year. Jair's coffee is fermented dry for 24 hours, then fermented again wet for another 26 hours and dried for 20 days.


**Please note that weekly orders are processed on Tuesday and shipped on Thursday**

Contains 250g of delicious coffee.

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