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Mario Moreno - Piedras Amarillas


Mario Moreno - Piedras Amarillas


Mario Moreno - Piedras Amarillas


Region: Santa Barbara

Varietal: 100% Pacas

Altitude: 1,550 masl

Processing: Fully Washed

Harvest: April 2018

In the Cup: guava, passion fruit, honey suckle

Coming from some of the highest cultivated elevations in the mountain of Santa Bárbara, this extremely unique lot of coffee was harvested exclusively from the Pacas plants growing in a small yellow rock outcrop on Mario's farm. This creates extremely difficult growing conditions for the coffee plants, which means more nutrients going to fewer cherries resulting in a more complex flavor profile. This coffee sings of soft tropical fruits, a deep honey sweetness, and delicate floral nuances.

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Contains 250g of delicious coffee.

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